Thursday, 11 July 2013

Delicious Candles

With winter here and the cold weather has taken over. I have decided to embrace the season and appreciate the little things. Today I am going to share my most favourite candles and melts. There is nothing like being cosy with a delicious smell in the air. All 3 of these candles make me happy.

This candle’s scent stays true to its name, Crѐme Brulee. When I light it the room is filled with creamy caramel and vanilla (yum). The label describes this candle as ‘indulgence in a jar’. I bought it on sale for $30 from Dusk. It is a two wick candle from the Temptations collection. Sadly I think this collection might have been discontinued (hence the sale). It has a burn time of 60 hours. If you can find one of these candles I would highly recommend it.

Another product from dusk that I love is the Pink Butter Icing melt. These little melts go into the top of an oiler burner with a tea light underneath. As they melt the scent is released filling the room with another delicious scent. I would describe it as a very sweet, girly, vanilla cupcake (I know a terrible description but that is seriously what it smells like). They are my go to scent when it comes to candles. You can find them as part of the Connoisseur collection from Dusk. The melts are $3.99 each or you can buy 5 for $15. I prefer using the melts because I feel like I am less likely to burn the house down with a little tea light. It is suggested that you should not burn the melts for more than 3 hours at a time. I use the same melt for a week or more before changing it over to a new one.

My final favourite is the Sweet Grace melt from the Bridge Water Candle Company. One day last year my mum went for a trip to Bowral (a little town in New South Wales) and came back with these melts. From first sniff I was obsessed. Recently I was surprised with my very own one. It is quite a strong scent hence why I have cut it in half. I would describe it as a fresh, floral scent. It kind of reminds me of the Miss Dior Cherie perfume. The website describes it as ‘passionate fruits radiating with sparkling tea and classic patchouli’. They are sold for $1.50 each.

I prefer Crѐme Brulee and Pink Butter Icing in winter and Sweet grace in summer.

What are your favourite candle scents?

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