Tuesday, 4 March 2014

100 Happy Days Update

I just thought I would throw together a fun little post for you. I mentioned previously that I had taken up the 100 Happy Days challenge. Well today I have put together a little update with a few of my favourite pictures so far. I’m currently up to day 54 and I have to admit I am having to think a little harder to a) remember to take a photo and b) think of something that made me happy that day (that isn’t something that I have already used on a previous day). I see both of these challenges as a good thing because it means that I am forced to purposely do something or find something to be happy about. It also means I am learning to appreciate the little things that I am so lucky to have.

1. Day 2 I took the time to paint my nails nicely and I was happy with the result for once.

2. Day 8 I was puppy sitting for my sister’s little dog. He is the cutest (and cheekiest) pup around.

3. Day 9 Spending time with my Handsome boyfriend who makes me feel like the happiest and the luckiest girl.

4. Day 13 I’m a list person and organisation makes me happy. I am much calmer when I have everything written down.

5. Day 26 this was a bonus picture (I had already posted that day but it was too pretty not to share). Ryne and I drove to the top of a hill just for the view.

6. Day 29 I baked this delicious slice to serve at afternoon tea with a few friends.

7. Day 40 This is one of the places I run regularly. I’m so lucky to live in such a beautiful city.

8. Day 46 Spending a sunny afternoon with some friends at the driving range. Just to be clear I have no golfing skills whatsoever.

9. Day 53 This was the cute little beach Ryne and I found to have a quick dip before heading home from the coast.

The pictures aren’t the best quality because they are from my phone. I post a photo on Instagram every day. If you are interested in checking out the rest of my 100 Happy Days Challenge find me on Instagram @BridgetSpokes.

I hope you enjoyed my 100 happy days progress report,

Bridget xo


  1. This is SUCH a lovely idea! I absolutely love it!


    1. Thank you :) it is a lot of fun to do as well.

  2. Great!


    1. Thanks :) I can't wait to check out your blog!

  3. Such an inspiring idea! It makes me want to run out and take pictures of the lovely weather outside, because the sun is shining more than it has done in month! I actually woke up before my alarm clock feeling alert and happy! (And I am NOT a morning person) ;) x


    1. Thanks :) They are all perfect reasons to start up the 100 Happy Days challenge! I hope you had a great weekend.