Friday, 29 August 2014

A Weekend Away

A few weeks ago Ryne and I had a weekend away in Sydney. I thought I would do a quick recap and share some pretty pictures.

After arriving in sydney the first item on our agenda was lunch. We stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe in Darling harbour. The Sydney Hard Rock Cafe had a beautiful view of the harbour and the staff were really friendly (It felt like American hospitality) but it didn't have quite the same atmosphere as the Time Square Hard Rock (my only point of comparison). In the afternoon we decided to go for a wondered around Paddy's markets checking out the weird and wonderful items for sale. Ryne ended up buying a few t-shirts but sadly I walked away with nothing.

In the evening we headed down to Circular Quay where we were going for a dinner cruise around Sydney. We were seated at a table for two with an excellent view of the harbour. The cruise included an absolutely delicious 3 course meal and a glass of champagne. We treated ourselves to some tasty cocktails as well. As I'm writing this I am kicking myself for not taking photos of the food, it was so delicious. There was live music of the ship and we were able to go out on the deck to take in the views. I can't even describe how spoilt we felt to have this experience and it really made me appreciate the treasures we have in our own country.

On Saturday we weren't sure what fun activities we wanted to fill our day with so we started with a wonder along George street. At about lunch time we decided that Luna park was the way to go. I'm pretty good with most rides but the "Hair Raiser" gave me the fright of my life. On this ride you are taken 50m above sea level and then dropped at 80Km/hour. When getting on this ride I assumed that it was one of those ones where you go up to the top it waits a few seconds and then drops. I was went right up to the top and then dropped without hesitation! I don't think I have held on to a harness so tightly in my life.  Other than not expecting the drop it was still a great thrill ride. We had such a fun afternoon and headed home exhausted.

That evening we went along to watch a Rugby Union game which was great. Sadly our team lost but it was a fun experience nonetheless. After a late nigh drink on Darling harbour we headed home to bed.

Sunday was our last full day. We decided to watch a movie in the biggest Imax theatre in the world. We saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 and I thought it was excellent and surprisingly emotional for a kids movie. The rest of the day was spent exploring Sydney and finished with dinner and drinks.

I hope you enjoyed your little look into my weekend.
Bridge xo

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