Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Minneapolis Adventures | Big Things

Hello All,

Another update filled with American adventures for you. 

Where to begin?

Since my last check-in I have been exploring Minneapolis. 

My first adventure was to Minnihaha falls. It is a nature park with a beautiful waterfall. We jumped the 'closed' sign to get a better look (no one seemed to be paying any attention to the sign). After appreciating the waterfall and wishing we had brought a picnic lunch with us we went for a nice walk along the river. 

The next weekend we spent Sunday at the Mall of America. In total we were there for 8 hours of shopping fun. It is hard to describe exactly how big the mall actually is but to give you a few examples there is an indoor theme park and it took us 4 hours of shopping just to cover the first level (there are 3 levels in total). To begin our adventure we tackled the theme park. After a ride on the roller coaster and the log ride we were ready to shop. Without getting into detail I spent a lot of money for one day but it was a fun day. 

                                                                                  Mall of America theme park

                                                                                     Mall of America at night

                                                                                    Pretty Christmas tree

The week that just went we had a few little events. On Thursday we went to a charity bingo night raising money for junior rugby in Minneapolis. It was a lot of fun and the first time I had ever played bingo. Sadly we didn't win any money but a lot was raised for the kids. Friday night we went on the Movember bus. Movember is a campaign to raise money and awareness for mens' health. This event was organised by the Rugby clubs in Minneapolis. Fun was had by all. 

On Saturday Ryne and I went to the sculpture garden at the Walker Art Centre. It was freezing cold!! We took in the sights very quickly and got back in to car to warm up. We did manage to take some pictures though!

                                                            Spoonbridge and Cherry- Minneapolis sculpture garden

                                                                                             Minnesota wildlife 


This final picture is the beautiful Minneapolis Skyline. It is prettier at night but all those photos have been rubbish because I took them while we were driving. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little update. I am going to endeavour to bring my proper camera around with me more often to take better pictures and also to get Ryne and myself in the pictures occasionally as well (a bit of proof we actually did those things and that I didn't just use a Google images picture). This Thursday is Thanksgiving I am looking forward to learning about this holiday. From what I have heard there is a lot of food involved and the next day a lot of shopping. 

Bridget x

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